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CK Field Day

I recently organized a fundraiser for Camp Kesem, a national non-profit I am passionate about. As a member of Camp Kesem's Alumni Leadership Board, I am tasked with fostering a local Kesem community in Chicago. Because of this I invented CK Field Day, where teams competed in throwback games, such as relay races and capture the flag to raise money for the cause. I had a lot of fun designing all the graphics to brand the event.

CK Field Day 1
CK Field Day 2
CK Field Day 4
CK Field Day 3
CK Field Day 5
CK Field Day 6
CK Field Day 7
CK Field Day 8

I also used the first CK Field Day as an opportunity to exercise my new UX Design skills that I had gained from participating in this spring's AIGA mentorship program. I put together a user group and tested an idea of creating an app that I could use for this event in the future. I used card sorting and user personas to help me develop the app.

CK Field Day 1 CK Field Day 2
CK Field Day 4

Pepper Homies Logo

I have a group of friends who loves to go out for pizza together. We started calling ourselves the Pepper Homies, and my friend requested that I make us a logo. She also got shirts made with the new logo, so our group has swag now.

Pepper Homies Logo
Pepper Homies Shirt

AIGA Postcards

As part of my goal this year to find more creative outlets outside of my day job, I joined a group project that was part of the AIGA mentor program. It was a great way to meet other designers like myself in the Chicago design community. There were no limitations to what project we could complete besides money ($50 per person) and time (8 weeks). We came up with an interactive game called Designers Against Humanity, playing into the idea that all designers have shared frustrations with their clients, work, and careers.

Players received 3 answer cards when they walked in the door. After they entered the room, they found a wall of 5 prompts, with postcards that we designed to relate underneath. Players were encourage to swap an answer for a postcard, and the best answers at the end of the night won a prize. It fostered conversations and helped to build deeper connections throughout the group of people who interacted with it.

Card Answers
Card Prompts
My postcards
Dripping in Pretension.
Design Tools
Tools of Inspiration.
Job Pool
Climbing into the Job Pool.
Tech Planet
Tangled Up in Tech.
Reinventing the Wheel.

30 Rock Infographic

For a long time, my friends and I had debated which episodes of 30 Rock were empirically the greatest. We decided the best and most definitive way to put this debate to rest would be to create a bracket challenge. Thus began a 2 year adventure of voting and google docs with my friends Matt and Katie, and my husband Chris. View my medium post here.

30 Rock

Christmas Cards

Every year, my husband and I send out a christmas card. We look forward to reflecting on our year, but also to being a little silly and sharing that with our friends and family. Also, we used to have a hedgehog named Bruce Quillis, so that helps explain a little.

christmas card
Christmas 2017

christmas card
Christmas 2016
christmas card
Christmas 2014

christmas card
Christmas 2013

Wedding Paper

One of the most fun parts of planning my wedding was getting to design everything from the logo, invitations, and website! It made the day even more personalized and special.

Invitation Suite printed with gold foil

Escort Cards

I decoupaged hangers to match my wedding color, cobalt blue

Inside the Program

On the back of our wedding program I made a Mad Lib and a Word Search about Chris and I to entertain guests while they settled in.

Thank you notes

A map of our favorite places in Chicago for our guests to explore

Scoop There It Is

My friend, Allie, started a hilarious and delicious ice cream blog. She asked me to design the logo and Squarespace site for her. It was a fun project! Check out her blog here

Website and Logo Design

Logo Design

My friends have had other projects that they've asked me to design logos for in the past. Here are a couple that I was excited about.

This logo was a concept for a podcast called Tone Death. The premise of the show was that one person would pick a terrible song and make the other listen to it 50 millions times until they explode.
This logo was a concept for a Boyscout drop shipping company
This logo was for my friend's 8th annual Friendsgiving. This year the theme was all foods shaped like balls.
My crazy husband and my friend are currently cooking every recipe in Guy Fieri's cook book within a year and writing about their experience. Inevitably they asked me to make them a logo. You can read their blog at Fieri and Brimstone

TV Icon Project

A few years ago as a fun exercise, I started taking tv shows I love and trying to break them down to 4 essential icons to represent the show. Here are some of my favorites that I created. To see more visit my tumblr page.

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